Senior Wellness Program

Our Senior Wellness Programs gives the chance for adults over 60 years of age to become healthier by introducing them to cardiovascular and weight training exercises. This program utilizes a full physiotherapy and kinesiology assessment which allows us to build a specific program suited to an individual’s needs and goals. The physiotherapy assessment will address and physical injuries or barriers which may affect exercise, while the kinesiology assessment will address the client’s fitness levels and goals. Each workout program is catered to the individual’s fitness levels and can be remodeled or updated at any time during their membership. The one month membership to our gym facilities gives enough time for each client to see how their exercise program works and gives them a feel of what our facility has to offer. Other membership options are available at the end of the one month trial.

  •   A full body assessment with a registered physiotherapist
  •   A fitness assessment completed by a registered kinesiologist
  •   A personalized exercise program tailored to your needs
  •   a one month gym membership
For Seniors (60+) who are looking to get into great shape, but do not know where to start.

ONLY $99.00 + HST

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