Cancer Wise Program

The CancerWise Program is designed to provide you with a safe and effective, research-based exercise program. Our supervised regime ensures that you are doing the correct exercises, the correct way.

Before your assessment: To give us information about your medical history, type of cancer, date of diagnosis, current physical activity level, areas of pain and your goals we will ask you to complete a personal profile form. For proper development of your program we will ask for a copy of your medications and drug cycle. If you do not have your own copy we will be pleased to contact your doctor about your treatments and results.

Finally, a physiotherapy exercise program designed exclusively for people who are currently undergoing, or who have undergone cancer treatment!.

Your Physiotherapy Assessment: Your appointment will take about an hour to complete and will provide us information on the following:

  • 1  Posture & alignment
  • 2  Gait & mobility
  • 3  Balance
  • 4  Range of motion & flexibility
  • 5  Strength & muscle imbalances

Your Kinesiology Assessment: Your assessment with the Kinesiologist will about 30 minutes and will continue providing us with the necessary information to develop an individualized and specific program. This will include the following:

  • 1  Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
  • 2  Oxygen levels
  • 3  Height, Weight, & Waist Circumference
  • 4  6-minute Walk Test
  • 5  Other tests to determine exercise tolerance

After your Assessment: Your results will be analyzed and a program will be designed specifically for you. If you would prefer more personal exercise sessions, you may discuss it with us further. Otherwise, you will start your group-supervised exercise program on your next visit.

During CancerWise: Ongoing reassessments will be performed to determine your improvements, to make formal changed in your programand to determine any changes in your medical condition and/or medications. Please give us your feedback at any time or if you are experiencing any new or different symptoms.

  •   Pain Management including therapeutic modalities, acupuncture, active stretching and manual therapies
  •   Build strength and endurance
  •   Improve cardiovascular fitness
  •   Improve all aspects of health, including physical, mental, spiritual,social and emotional health

 Tuesdays and Thursdays, morning or afternoon sessions are available.
Initial Assessments can be from Monday to Friday by appointment.

As this is a physiotherapy-directed program, you may be eligible for reimbursement through private extended health benefits. You may also be eligible for specific OHIP funding. Contact us for fee details.

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