Industrial Rehabilitation

Over the years there have been many methods of determining functional capacity. High technological equipment has been tried, but no matter how it is programmed, the depth of total functional information is still limited. Only the human medical examiner is currently able to comprehensively look at the entire body motions and incorporate safety, kinesiology, metabolic changes, psycho-motor and affective behavior all in one evaluation. Our clinic offers the most objective, musculoskeletal assessment in the area.

The WorkWell Systems Inc. is based on internationally accepted principles for identification of abilities and limitations of an injured worker. This is a two- day evaluation allowing the examiner to determine the worker’s ability to perform and repeat the critical work demands on consecutive days. A new one-day protocol is available for appropriate cases or conditions. By reviewing the sample report included in this package, you will surely see the following strong points of the WorkWell system:

  • 1 You will receive information regarding return-to-work physical abilities. This will be explained in very clear, objective language.
  • 2 The FCE will describe physical abilities and limitations in musculoskeletal terms. In other words, you will be able to determine whether the physical attributes of the client allow return to work, indicate that rehabilitation would be of assistance, or would require job-site modification.
  • 3 The information describes the worker at the highest level of productivity based on physical strength and endurance through objective testing. The test is not restricted to self-imposed behaviors but rather evaluated on true physical ability. If a person has not given the maximum effort, this will be noted.
  • 4 The information will allow you to place a client at the safest level of work, avoiding activities beyond their physical abilities but yet allowing the highest level of functioning possible.
  • 5 The information in the Functional Capacity Evaluation report will specifically refer to musculoskeletal components, such as joints, muscles, strength, endurance, and physiological components.
  • 6 The results of the Functional Capacity Evaluation can also be compared to an existing Physical Demands Analysis for accurate return to work information with regards to abilities/limitations.

The Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a written, objective account of the physical requirements of a specific job. Objective measurements include load, volume, frequency and/or body positions required to perform the essential duties and critical physical requirements of any job. Physical elements that may be measured include mobility, manual material handling, reaching, handling, proprioception and posture.

A Rehab Plus certified kinesiologist will perform this detailed assessment on-site using objective measuring tools to obtain applicable data, while discussing the work duties involved with the employee, employer or occupational health and safety personnel. The final report describes in detail the activities, the equipment, the materials and the resulting physical requirements of the job. A summary table is provided in the report, facilitating any comparison between the client’s activities and their functional abilities.

  • Increase health of workers
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase quality and efficiency
  • Increase morale and employee relations
  • Improve union management relations
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Decrease cost
  • Decrease accidents
  • Decrease injuries
  • Decrease turnover rates
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Decrease errors
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