Following a concussion injury, it is recommended that you seek the care of a healthcare professional with training and experience in concussion as soon as possible. In fact, recent studies have concluded that one of the best predictors of concussion recovery was how fast you were assessed at a concussion clinic.

The earlier you seek quality concussion care, the better your recovery will be.

Generally, a period of relative “symptom-limited” physical and cognitive rest is recommended for the first 24-48 hours after injury. After this rest period, a gradual increase in mental and physical activity is recommended. For optimal recovery, this process should be directed and supervised by a licensed healthcare practitioner trained in concussion management.

If symptoms of a concussion are still present after 7 to 10 days, an individualized treatment and rehabilitation program should be initiated.

The scientific evidence indicates that concussion is best treated with early application of specific cardio exercise programs, rehabilitation for the visual and vestibular systems, treatment aimed at the neck and associated whiplash, dietary and supplement recommendations, as well as patient education.

As part of our Complete Concussions program, we offer a full-suite of evidence-based concussion treatment services & strategies including:

  • ¬†Balance Rehab
  • ¬†Nutritional Interventions
  • ¬†Vision Rehab
  • ¬†Integrated Manual Therapy
  • ¬†Pre-Season Testing
  • ¬†Cognitive Testing
  • ¬†Exercise Rehab
  • ¬†Return to School, Work, and Sport
  • ¬†Educational Resources